San-X is a Japanese company famous for creating and selling cute and adorable characters such as Sumikko Gurashi, Rilakkuma, and Terapanda. These characters are generally anthropomorphic representations of inanimate objects or animals. Each San-X character has it out traits. For instance, Momobuta is a pig with a peach-shaped head.  

The San-X stationery company was founded in 1932. At first, this company was privately owned, but in 1942, it became a limited company. San-X is quite popular because of its cute and high-quality stationery products. In addition, the company is creating and marketing all types of school and office equipment, including: 

• Pen 

• Pencils 

• Pencil Cases 

• Highlighters 

• Softcover Notebooks 

• Stickers 

• Erasers 

• Sharpeners 

• Daily Notebooks 

• Gel Pens 

• Ballpoint Pen, and more. 

The most famous San-X products are its cute stickers. Kawaii Sumikko Gurashi Sticker Pack is one of the best-selling sticker pack available out there. This sticker pack is available in four different styles, such as polar bear, cat, penguin, and pork cutlet. By using cute stickers manufactured by San-X, you can brighten up your journals, planners, diary, and DIY projects. 

San-X is trying to make this world more creative by supplying inexpensive accessories all around the world. The products created by San-X are some of the best quality and affordable accessories available out there. For instance, the Sumikko Gurashi Spiral Notebook only costs up to $17, which is quite budget-friendly compared to other Japanese-inspired notebooks available in the market.

Other than pens, pencils, and notebooks, you can also buy San-X backpacks. These backpacks are made of durable and sturdy material. You can use these cute backpacks for sports, school, and several other activities. A normal San-X backpack includes:

• A 15-inch laptop compartment

• Built-in carry handle

• Adjustable chest straps

• Dual drink bottle sleeves

• Several other features

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