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San-X is a renowned Japan-based company that manufactures stationery, accessories, and plush toys featuring adorable and unique characters that are popular with individuals across the world. The prominent characters introduced by San-X include Sumikko Gurashi, Rilakkuma and Tarepanda etc. 

San-X features an expansive variety of products, and Kawaii Pen Shop offers a wide variety of these products including, pens, pencils, highlighters, stickers, erasers, backpacks, notebooks, etc. 

Let’s quickly look at a few San-X products featured at the Kawaii pen shop.

Sumikko Gurashi Pencil Case

The sumikko Gurashi hardtop pencil case is a perfect blend of cuteness and functionality. Featuring the beloved Sumikko Gurashi characters on a hardtop in pink or blue color, this pencil case has zipped internal mesh compartments with internal pen slots. It is spacious enough to keep all your stationery intact in one place.

The storage options, vibrant colors and cute characters make this a very cute and handy school accessory.

Sumikko Gurashi highlighters

Highlighters are an important stationery item for school and office as you can use them to make notes or save useful details for later use.

Kawaii features the San-X Sumikko Gurashi highlighters, which have a bright pigment and have illustrations of the popular characters on the plastic casing. You can get these highlighters in four vibrant colors: pink, yellow, green, and orange.

Sumikko Gurashi mechanical pencil

The San-X Sumikko Gurashi mechanical lead pencil is available in four beautiful casing colors with graphics illustrating the Sumikko Gurashi characters.

The mechanical pencil has a tip size of 0.5mm. It is equipped with a firm rubber grip, which helps you conveniently hold the pencil without tiring your hands, even for longer periods.

Sumikko Gurashi Figure ballpoint pen

The Sumikko Gurashi figure ballpoint pen is a uniquely crafted retractable pen featuring a Sumiko Gurashi figure at the top.

When you retract the tip, the character figure goes down and surfaces again when you subtract the tip. These pens come with pre-installed black ink and are available in six different beautiful designs, each pen featuring a different Sumikko Gurashi character at the top.

Rilakkuma Bento Lunch Box 

Your little one will surely love their lunch in this beautiful Rilakkuma bento lunch box.

The lunch box is pink and blue with illustrations of Rilakkuma, Kiiroitor and Korilakkuma on the cover. It has two layers, with lids and a pair of chopsticks. The box is also microwave safe.


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